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Bitcoin is digital money.

Unlike PayPal or Venmo, Bitcoin is not just a way to store your money online. Instead, it's a new type of money — a completely digital currency.

Bitcoin is safe.

You can store your bitcoin on your own computer (like Outlook email), or on the internet (like Gmail). Websites like Coinbase offer SMS confirmations, insurance, and vault storage.

Bitcoin is easy.

Unlike a bank account, there is no application process for using bitcoin. All you need is the internet. It's free, instant, and can be sent anywhere. Anyone can use it, from Pope Francis, to the 7th-grader next door, to Kim Jong-un.

“Finally, someplace safe to hoard my allowance.”

Bitcoin is a protocol.

What's the difference between email and Facebook messenger? Email is an open standard—a protocol—that anybody can use. Facebook messenger is a private network operated by a company.

Bitcoin is like email. Anyone, anywhere can use it privately, by themself, without permission or borders.

Why not try it?

At worst, you get something free you'll never use. At best, you'll open your mind to a unique technology that has the potential to shape how human effort is organized globally.

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